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Podiatry is a medical specialty focused on foot, ankle, and lower extremity conditions. Podiatrists diagnose, treat, and prevent foot-related issues including injuries, deformities, skin and nail conditions, sports-related injuries, and diabetic foot care.

  • MV Diabetes aims to create awareness on amputation prevention among the diabetic population.
  • Podiatrists assess the complexities of the foot and its associated structures to plan CORRECTIVE PROCEDURES FOR LIMB SALVAGE.
  • Sophisticated facilities for Diagnosis and customized treatments as per the condition of Foot, ankle etc. are provided in our in house Foot Clinic & Podiatry unit.

Ozone Therapy

Podiatry ozone therapy utilizes ozone gas for wound healing, infections, pain management, and joint/soft tissue conditions. Podiatrists receive specialized training for safe administration. Consultation with a podiatrist is important to determine its suitability.


Magneto Therapy

Podiatry magneto therapy involves using magnetic fields to potentially relieve pain, promote healing, and manage foot conditions. Scientific evidence is limited, and professional consultation is advised.


Foot Education

Podiatry foot education aims to raise awareness and knowledge about foot health, including anatomy, common conditions, preventive measures, and self-care techniques.


Procedure Room

A podiatry procedure room is a specialized facility in a clinic where diagnostic assessments, treatments for nails/skin/wounds, biomechanical assessments, and minor surgical procedures are performed in a sterile and safe environment.

Step into Foot Health

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Ramesh Kovai
Ramesh Kovai
19 December 2023
I am taking treatment at M.V.Hospital for Diabetes for more than 25 years. Dr.Vijay Viswanathan given excellent treatment. Good atmosphere and services.
Hukashe Zhimomi
Hukashe Zhimomi
22 November 2023
Excellent one stop place for Diabetic treatment and care. Recommended without hesitation for Diabetic related treatments.
Kashyap Jain
Kashyap Jain
17 November 2023
Good servie
Vijaya Shankar J
Vijaya Shankar J
15 November 2023
Very good treatment, hospitality, kind interaction with Patients. Good atmosphere and ambience. Very good experience during my stays as inpatient.
Subramanyam Reddy Rampa
Subramanyam Reddy Rampa
11 November 2023
Ch Shanmukha Rao
Ch Shanmukha Rao
9 November 2023
Excellent services and treatment
Arun A
Arun A
7 November 2023
Since 1991 I am coming to your hospital, till date I feel comfortable with your service


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