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Why Do Yoga in M V Diabetes?

Yoga is a centuries-old practice, which aims to overall improve the individual’s body and mind. Diabetes can be controlled and effectively managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet, as well as by practicing yoga. “As everyone knows, glucagons secretion is enhanced by stress. Yoga effectively reduces stress, thus reducing glucagons and possibly improving insulin action. Weight loss induced by Yoga is a well-accepted mechanism. Muscular relaxation, development and improved blood supply to muscles might enhance insulin receptor expression on muscles causing increased glucose uptake by muscles and thus reducing blood sugar.” Blood pressure plays a major role in development of diabetic and related complications, which is proven to be benefited by Yoga. The same holds true for increased cholesterol levels, yoga also reduces arteriosclerosis, and it is even effective in blockade of arteries.

Yoga reduces adrenaline, nor-adrenalin and cortisol in blood, which are termed as ‘stress hormones’. In this way, patients are benefited by the practice of Yoga.”

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Yoga can further boost patients’ well-being and health even though medical interventions play a critical role in treating diabetes.

Basic Classes

A basic yoga class for diabetes can include gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to improve blood sugar control and reduce stress.

Advanced Classes

Experience a transformative journey towards improved health with advanced yoga practices specifically designed for diabetes management.

Poses Class

Discover yoga poses beneficial for managing diabetes in our class. Join us to improve your health and well-being naturally.

Integrating Yoga at M.V Diabetics Hospital

M V Hospital for Diabetes has seamlessly integrated yoga into its healthcare services, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care. The hospital offers dedicated yoga classes led by experienced instructors who understand the specific needs and limitations of individuals with diabetes. These classes focus on gentle asanas, breathing exercises, and guided meditation, creating a safe and supportive environment for patients to practice yoga. Yoga’s ability to improve physical fitness, reduce stress, enhance insulin sensitivity, and strengthen the mind-body connection makes it a valuable tool for individuals with diabetes. By embracing yoga, M V Hospital for Diabetes not only promotes

Yoga's Role in Managing Diabetes

M V Hospital for Diabetes recognizes that yoga is not merely an exercise regimen but a comprehensive mind-body practice. Here are some ways yoga contributes to the management and prevention of diabetes:

Physical Fitness

The physical benefits are precious for individuals with diabetes, as they can help in maintaining a healthy weight, improving cardiovascular health, and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Enhanced insulin sensitivity enables better glucose utilization by the body, thus aiding in diabetes management.

Mind-Body Connection

By cultivating mindfulness and self-awareness, individuals with diabetes can better understand their bodies, recognize the early signs of blood sugar imbalances, and make timely adjustments in their management routine.

Stress Reduction

Stress has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. Yoga incorporates various relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises, and meditation, which promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Enhanced Circulation

Yoga postures, combined with controlled breathing, improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Yoga for Better Sleep

By incorporating yoga into your daily routine, you can create a calming and soothing environment for your mind and body, paving the way for a restful night's sleep.

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We explore how M V Hospital for Diabetes has integrated yoga into its healthcare services, acknowledging its positive impact on patients’ lives.

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Ramesh Kovai
Ramesh Kovai
19 December 2023
I am taking treatment at M.V.Hospital for Diabetes for more than 25 years. Dr.Vijay Viswanathan given excellent treatment. Good atmosphere and services.
Hukashe Zhimomi
Hukashe Zhimomi
22 November 2023
Excellent one stop place for Diabetic treatment and care. Recommended without hesitation for Diabetic related treatments.
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Kashyap Jain
17 November 2023
Good servie
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Vijaya Shankar J
15 November 2023
Very good treatment, hospitality, kind interaction with Patients. Good atmosphere and ambience. Very good experience during my stays as inpatient.
Subramanyam Reddy Rampa
Subramanyam Reddy Rampa
11 November 2023
Ch Shanmukha Rao
Ch Shanmukha Rao
9 November 2023
Excellent services and treatment
Arun A
Arun A
7 November 2023
Since 1991 I am coming to your hospital, till date I feel comfortable with your service


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