Dr. Vijay Viswanathan
Head & Chief Diabetologist

We take forward our founder Director's mission forward: 'Every person having Diabetes should be helped to live his normal span of life in perfect health'.

M.V. Hospital for Diabetes situated at Royapuram, Chennai, was established by late Prof. M. Viswanathan, Doyen of Diabetology in India in 1954 as a general hospital. Under Prof. M. Viswanathan's professional and administrative leadership, the hospital has grown to achieve the status of a teaching institution of international excellence. The hospital caters to people with Diabetes with various complications both as Inpatients and Outpatients. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest referral centres for Diabetes, with more than 3,50,000 patients registered to-date.


The departments of the hospital include OPD, a sophisticated high technology diagnostic laboratory, facilities for major emergency and elective surgery, department's for early diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney and Eye disease, Early diagnosis of Diabetic Foot complications and advanced facilities to save the lower limbs from amputation , department of Imaging, etc.

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